Consider our extremely well-built 4 bedroom semi-detached duplexes to suit your lifestyles. Ideal for a large family, these units feature our signature stone-clad exterior set in a distinctive modern architectural design. The premium finishing by expert craftsmen assure you of high quality from the beautiful marble tiles, right down to the doorknobs. The interlocked and […]

425 sq ft 4 beds 5 baths

The 3 Bedroom fully-detached duplex welcomes you in style with towering pillars complete with our signature stone clad finishing. The dazzling entrance ushers you into an equally impressive hallway which simply is the very tip of the iceberg. Featuring a spacious penthouse with an amazing view, this premium housing unit also comes with a 2-room […]

600 sq ft 5 beds 6 baths

Live your best life today. In this cute structure designed for metropolitan professionals, or alternatively, bohemian living, you get just the right amount of space to suit your lifestyle. Sufficient parking space, impressive entrance and stairway, secure doors, spacious rooms, en-suite bathrooms, generous kitchen area, as well as our unique wide windows, we haven’t stinted […]

700 sq ft 2 beds 3 baths